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A Guy, a Girl, and a Teen Book Blog

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Title: Scarlet
Author: A.C. Gaughen
Pages: 292
Publisher: Walker Children's
ISBN: 9780802723468
Publication Date: February 14, 2012
AR Levels: Interest Level: 9th-12th, Book Level: 4.4, Points: 10.0

In a nutshell: Everyone thinks they know the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men who rob from the rich and give to the poor, right? You've got Little John, Friar Tuck, loveable ol' Much, and spunky little Will Scarlet. Except this time one of Robin's Merry Men isn't a man. Unbeknownst to anyone but the gang, Will Scarlet is *gasp* a GIRL! And a mighty kick-butt girl she is! The boys call her Scar for short, and she's no damsel in distress but rather a knife-throwing beauty hiding from her dark past and trying to make amends for her former life. While Scarlet's trying to find her place in the gang, she's also struggling with feelings for two of her band mates and plotting how to elude the evil thief hunter Sir Guy of Gisbourne who's been hired by the Sheriff of Nottingham to find and kill Robin and the gang, and to make matters worse, she's met Gisbourne before, and if he recognizes her, her life is over. Full of angst-y romance, gasp-inducing plot twists, and heart-pounding fight scenes, this book is sure to delight guys and gals alike. Personally, I'm really hoping she'll write a sequel because I need more!

I'd recommend it for grades: 8-12+ for some mildly sensual scenes (very mild) and PG13 language

I'd recommend it to: anyone who likes a good adventure or who has a thing for Robin Hood (um...guilty!)

What I liked most about this book: Scarlet is an excellent heroine. She starts out pretty unsure of herself but not in a Bella Swan way because, hello, she throws knives and never pouts, but her character develops immensely throughout the book while still maintaining a healthy and admirable humility. Plus, she makes other characters better, and if that's not the mark of a true heroine, I don't know what is. Also, the love triangle is awesome. I can't give away too much, but let's just say I'm definitely Team Robin. You saw that coming, right?

Single favorite moment (without getting spoiler-y): This is hard to say because almost everything would be spoiler-y, but I think I can safely say that Robin Hood has a few white-knight moments where he rides in and saves the day, and my favorite involves him saving Scarlet from a burning building. TOTALLY swoon-worthy. Honorable mention goes to the giant (yet somewhat predictable) plot twist at the end. I saw it coming from a mile away, but it was still AMAZING and quite clever on the part of the author.

Star rating (where five stars is awesome and 0 stars is atrocious): a solid 4 stars

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